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Coaching for Facilitators     |     Coaching Packages

Coaching for Facilitators

… so you do not have to face the challenges of working with groups alone.

IIFAC offers private coaching for facilitators who want short-term help on specific challenges they face. Our senior consultants, Ana Rubio and Beatrice Briggs, provide expert advice about the wide range of issues that can arise over the lifecycle of a facilitation job. Here is a partial list of the possibilities.

Getting Hired

  • Negotiating with a prospective client about a job you are being asked to do
  • When to say “no thanks”
  • Developing results-oriented proposals
  • Deciding how much to charge for your services

Designing the Agenda

  • Feedback to improve the coherence and effectiveness of agendas you are developing
    • Is the overall purpose clear?
    • Do the specific agenda items/activities contribute to the desired outcomes?
    • Does the sequence of activities follow a logical flow?
    • Is the timing realistic?
    • Could the design be more participatory?

Post Facilitation

  • Evaluating your performance after a facilitation
  • Planning a feedback meeting with the client
  • Recovering from a stressful experience

Coaching Packages

Sessions last 45-60 minutes and are conducted by telephone, skype or other virtual platform. Discussions are completely confidential. At the end of each session the IIFAC coach will provide a written summary of the key issues discussed and agreed-upon next steps.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Emergency session 3 sessions 6 sessions
Goal Goal Goal
1-time help for solving an immediate problem Ideal for project planning Recommended for longer term planning, professional development strategizing or help with a complex project
Cost Cost Cost
$150 $300 USD $500 USD

If you are interested, complete this application and then we can schedule a free, 15-minute session to discuss your coaching needs and decide whether it makes sense to work together.


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