Five things I love about being a facilitator

  1. The puzzled expression on people´s faces when I tell them what I do. Of course, health I often wish that group facilitation were a more readily understood occupation. But I love the “teachable moment” that arises when someone asks, “Facilitator? What is that? “
  2. The relief felt by meeting and conference organizers when I agree to help plan and facilitate their event. These clientsare thrilled that a certified professional will advise them on how to make their meeting both participatory and productive.
  3. The cautious optimism of meeting participants when I step forward and introduce myself at the start of an event. These people are hopeful that I will make good use of their time, respect their interventions and save them from “death by PowerPoint”.
  4. The buzz of conversation when meeting participants beginto share their ideas. The moment in which the flow of information stops coming from the front of the room and instead springs from the hearts and minds of those in attendance always brings a smile of satisfaction to my face. The essence of my work is creating the conditions that permit meaningful conversations to occur.
  5. The thoughtful silence just before a group makes a decision. After the relevant information has been presented, passionate opinions have been shared, and the proposal under discussion has been honed by the collective wisdom of those present, comes the moment when as facilitator, I say, “Are we ready to make a decision?” This is the divide between the talking and the doing, between the conversation and the commitment. The silence is full of possibilities.


Beatrice Briggs
Director, IIFAC

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  1. Here’s kind of a weird facilitator’s moment that I love: when a group is feeling all stuck and confused and I can take that moment to let them know that they have entered “The Groan Zone” (thank you, Sam Kaner).

    Just letting them know that feeling stuck is a predictable – even inevitable – part of the process can bring great relief, a much-needed chuckle and sufficient optimism to get them through “the zone.”

    Makes me feel like a good trail guide, you know?

  2. the learning process among each others is the treasure of facilitation. People share their opinion and experience as well while reaching their goal of the meeting. I love the “blink” or “a ha!” expression when group coming up with new idea…

  3. Nice inspiration for facilitator-candidates
    sort of touching the main nerve in the dialogue like the thread in a new book in Norwegian titled DIALOG 93pp

    Something like that in English? Because a major challenge is for the promoters of different methods to show how convincing large the sum of communities of different dialogic methods is.

    regards Truls

  4. The evaluation comments at the end when participants would say something like ‘we were glad that we were able to have our views heard and recorded’

  5. I love the calculated unpredictability of the next joint step.

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