No More Boring Meetings: 21 Practical strategies for leaders and teams 

Are you frustrated by too many unproductive meetings? 

Your organization cannot afford – and should not tolerate - meetings that waste time and go nowhere. 

Overcome the common meeting mistakes that produce apathy and cynicism instead of enthusiasm and action. 

In this free eBook you will learn: 

  • How to stimulate fresh thinking about your meetings 
  • The planning tools that will eliminate many meeting headaches 
  • The facilitation techniques that professionals use to stimulate participation, manage time and keep the group learning and growing together 

Almost daily I ask myself why bad meetings are still considered acceptable. Why do the executives who worry about budgets and implement systems to reduce waste in their operations fail to consider the human and financial cost of unproductive meetings? 

This eBook is designed to improve the meeting experience for leaders and their teams. Each section contains specific actions that you can take to replace old, dysfunctional habits with proven ways to make your meetings more enjoyable and productive. Here are a few examples: 

  • The four questions to answer BEFORE you convene the meeting 
  • How to create an agenda that energizes the group 
  • Proactive measures for controlling the use of cell phones during a meeting 
  • Steps to break the vicious cycle of discussions the go around in circles without reaching a conclusion. 

I am fully committed to helping you make your meetings a source of effective collaboration and positive results – starting now. 

No more boring meetings, right? Let´s go! 

Beatrice Briggs 

Director, International Institute for Facilitation and Change 

No More Boring Meetings: 21 Practical strategies for leaders and teams 

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