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Top executives and Human Resources personnel who are alarmed at the time wasted in unproductive meetings in their organization can get help here. IIFAC offers three options for building internal capacity to plan and facilitate meetings that produce better results in less time. Find your made-to-order solution to chronic “meeting-itis” here. Contact us to discuss in-house training focused on other areas, | including effective communications, conflict transformation and consensus process.

In-house Training in Effective Meetings

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Fundamentals of outcome-oriented meetings. Facilitating conflict and decision-making (prerequisite #1) Building an internal facilitation team. (prerequisites #1 and #2)
Goal Goal Goal
Meeting participants get more done in less time. Internal facilitators are able to deal constructively with controversy and dissent in meetings and lead complex decision-making processes. Organizational commitment to on-going process of developing in-house facilitation skills and transforming the organization’s meeting culture.
Outcome Outcome Outcome
Up to 25 persons (or number agreed upon) trained in the principles and practice of outcome-oriented meetings. Equipped with templates, checklists and guidelines to get them started. Group of 5 to 15 members, selected to form the nucleus of an internal facilitation team, can approach high-heat situations with confidence and skill. Cohesive in-house facilitation team members support each other facilitating outcome-based meetings, continue to consolidate their facilitation skills and cultivate “best meeting practices” throughout the organization.
Delivery Method Delivery Method Delivery Method
Pre-training on-line survey. Two days on-site, plus on-line help desk and four weekly follow-up calls to answer questions and give feedback on participants’ first outcome-oriented agendas. Three days on-site, plus on-line help desk and 4-6 weekly follow-up calls and personal feedback on participants´ written reports and on their first post-training facilitation of “difficult” meetings and/or decision-making process. Follow up 6-12 month coaching in which IIFAC works with in-house team to develop customized agendas, address challenges relating to group dynamics and participatory processes in the organization. Includes two 2-day on-site visits to provide additional training and supervision.

“Working with IIFAC has been a marvelous experience. In addition to the quality of the contents, methods and tools used to train and orient those of us who attend their workshops, the personal attention and warmth of the IIFAC team makes all the difference. The workshop on agendas and efficient meetings was of great use in the process of consolidating the Metropolitan Platform for Sustainability [in Guadalajara]. It helped us construct agreements and make decisions that had a positive impact on our effectiveness and improved the quality of our meetings.”

-Mario R. Silva, Colectivo Ecologista Jalisco. Mexico.

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Training for facilitators

We are committed to training facilitators who work independently or whose organizations cannot commit to in house training. We are exploring new options for delivering courses that will be affordable, geographically accessible and that will equip participants with the skills needed to step into the role of group facilitator with confidence and skill. Look for announcement of this new professional development opportunity by April 2015. Meanwhile, let us know if you are interested.

Beatrice Briggs and Ana Rubio

“Incredibly professional
Straight to the point
She teaches with her heart
A force of nature
Very open and available at all moments
Very kind, good company
It’s an honour to know her
Adorable, she never played the guru
Powerful personality
Splendid listener”

Participant comments about Beatrice Briggs after she gave the facilitation training at Torri Superiore, Italy, May 2014

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