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Beatrice Briggs, Founder and Director

beatrice briggs

Beatrice began facilitating groups and training in consensus processes in the early 1990’s in Chicago. She first came to Mexico in 1995 to consult on the organization of an international gathering of ecological activists. Three years later, she moved to Mexico, where she lives in a solar-powered home in the mountains outside of Tepoztlán, Morelos.

Beatrice’s international perspective has its roots in her experience as a student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Her ability to understand and respect other cultures was further nurtured by her graduate studies in the history of religions at the University of Chicago.

Clients appreciate her ability to grasp their issues and propose solutions that are both innovative and practical. Colleagues admire her generosity in sharing ideas and experiences. Participants in the groups she facilitates are impressed by her patience and good humor – and inspired by her commitment to creating space for everyone to be heard.

Beatrice unwinds from her demanding travel and work schedule by reading novels, doing the New York Times crossword puzzle, and visiting her two daughters, granddaughter and other family members in the U.S.

Download Beatrice’s curriculum vitae.