Beatrice Briggs

About Beatrice Briggs

Beatrice Briggs is the founder and director of the International Institute for Facilitation and Change, a consulting firm based in Mexico. A Certified™ Professional Facilitator, she puts her years of experience at the service of leaders who want to make their meetings worth the time, talent and money invested in them. A native of the United States, Beatrice has lived in Mexico since 1998, working in both English and Spanish to alleviate the suffering caused by bad meetings wherever they occur.

Meetings and Innovation

In a world where innovation is discussed in relation to every organizational area, why do meetings remain stuck in the 19th century? We know that meetings, whether face-to-face or virtual, [...]

Does every decision require consensus?

The short answer to the question “Does every decision require consensus?” is “No, of course not! The even shorter answer is “It depends.” Groups implementing consensus process for the first [...]

Consensus can be confusing [Free guide]

Consensus means different things to different people - and this can be confusing. For some, consensus signifies “general agreement.” This vague assertion does not tell us how this alleged agreement [...]

Never compete with a smart phone

You will lose. People who are checking their email, exchanging text messages, surfing the web, tweeting or playing "Words with Friends" during a meeting are NOT fully engaged with the [...]

When NOT to call a meeting

This is a message for those who never chose to be a group facilitator, but nevertheless have had responsibility for meetings thrust upon them. Before your next meeting, drugs take [...]

You can prevent meeting hijacking

Here’s a touchy subject: when is it OK to interrupt a speaker?  Review these guidelines and be assured that sometimes, interruption is exactly what’s called for. When he/she is Exceeding their [...]