Writing about IIFAC’s 10th anniversary timeline caused me to think about how history happens. One thing is for sure –at least in my case– the outcome is always a surprise. Despite our periodic attempts to create an orderly strategic plan, set measurable goals and pursue specific results, IIFAC´s story has been wildly unpredictable.
Nevertheless, creating the timeline helped me identify some patterns that I suspect other change-oriented initiatives have experienced.

  1. Get passionate. Find something you truly care about.
  2. Create a circle. Invite others to join you. (Provide snacks)
  3. Combine learning and action. Study and discuss, but then get out there and DO. Reflect, incorporate the new learning and move on.
  4. Document. Take photos, make videos, save key documents and construct a common story.
  5. Persist. Stay alert to changing tides in the group and its surroundings, adapt as necessary, but keep going. Think journey, not destination.

So there you have my 5-step program for making history. Please note that I am not advocating an ego trip here. On the contrary, I am talking about putting your passion in the service of others and being curious about what happens next.

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