When facilitation is not the answer

Facilitation, understood as designing and leading a participatory group process, can have a transformative effect. In the hands of a skilled professional, a facilitated process can help a group discuss [...]

The Facilitator’s Tightrope

Inserting a facilitator into a group´s existing power dynamics is a risky business. Often a facilitator’s help is requested because dysfunctional behaviors are inhibiting the group´s effectiveness. The client allegedly [...]

Hidden Agendas in Meetings

When you hear the words “hidden agendas,” what comes to mind? Clandestine plots? Power games? Conspiracies lurking in the meeting room? What if, in the planning phase of a meeting, [...]

How to be inclusive without being boring?

With the good intention of 'being inclusive,' meeting organizers sometimes propose dynamics that are more boring than productive. Some typical examples of these mistaken practices include: A round of introductions [...]

Never compete with a smart phone

You will lose. People who are checking their email, exchanging text messages, surfing the web, tweeting or playing "Words with Friends" during a meeting are NOT fully engaged with the [...]

You can prevent meeting hijacking

Here’s a touchy subject: when is it OK to interrupt a speaker?  Review these guidelines and be assured that sometimes, interruption is exactly what’s called for. When he/she is Exceeding their [...]