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The Certificate Program involves three face-to-face modules of three days each, cough herbal with assignments and virtual sessions between modules.  Participants must submit periodic written reports on their field experiences with the practice of the methods and techniques taught in the course.  Depending on the country or region where the program takes place, the entire process is typically completed between 6 and 12 months.

Module 1: The Professional Facilitator’s Job

  • Clarifying the facilitator’s role in participative processes oriented to decisions
  • Hiring facilitation services
  • Advanced agenda planning: optimizing the use of the group’s time and attention
  • Beyond open discussion: alternatives for the exchange of productive ideas in a group.
  • Strategies to encourage inclusion and participation in diverse groups

Module 2: Conflict and Decision-making

  • Leadership styles and decision-making options
  • Common mistakes and best practices for decision-making
  • Decision-making in complex situations
  • Rank and power in groups
  • Strengthening the capacity to deal with conflict

Module 3: The Path of the Professional Facilitator

  • Consolidation of lessons learned
  • Giving and receiving feedback among colleagues
  • International standards for professional facilitators
  • What now? Defining a plan for continuous professional development

Virtual Sessions

Two, 90-minute teleseminars are designed to

  • Review and deepen the understanding of the materials presented in the prior module
  • Resolve doubts about methods and techniques
  • Discuss assigned reading material
  • Maintain the communication between the course instructors and participants


The participants are expected to practice the methods and techniques acquired in the Certificate Program, and to submit periodic summaries of their field experiences. These reports help us evaluate how the material has been incorporated and know where more practice or reviews are required.

Personal consultation

Each participant will receive a private consultation with one of the program instructors to discuss his/her professional development.

Target Audience

  • Program coordinators and directors from the public or private sector, or from civil society
  • Work team leaders
  • Independent consultants
  • Individuals involved with multi-sector or interdisciplinary groups
  • Individuals who are responsible for public participation processes and other multiple stakeholders meetings

Requirements to register to the Program

  • Previous experience with facilitation or working with groups
  • Access at least to one group to practice the skills acquired in the course

Steps in the Process

  • Submit the application form
  • Be accepted
  • Reserve your place in the venue where you would like to take Module 1
  • Pay at least 50% of the total registration fee before starting Module 1



The fees for the Certificate Program vary slightly between countries and regions. What does not change is the quality of the teaching, the materials, and the learning experience.

To give an idea of the financial investment for the courses currently scheduled is $USD 2,100, plus local taxes.

Although it is not possible for us to grant scholarships, we offer discounts for advance payment and commissions for recommending other participants. These commissions may be applied to the registration fees.

At this time we have no scheduled dates / locations for this certification. Please fill out the form below to notify you when the program is available again. Thank you!