As leaders and managers, it’s your job to align your team and drive the work required to achieve the organization’s strategic priorities.

Most of the work happens in your regular business meetings.

So if your teams are not running great meetings, you can’t run a great organization.

If your meetings aren’t effective, you’re wasting time and money, squandering team morale, and missing opportunities.

Ineffective meetings drag down teams and businesses.

The good news: there are proven and reliable ways to run meetings that work. Those organizations and teams that meet well consistently outperform their competitors on every scale.

Sadly, most leaders who try to fix their organization’s meetings fail.

They just don’t have the time or expertise required to successfully change ingrained meeting habits while keeping up with all the other work on their plate.

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Effective Meetings Results Program

Here’s how we help Visionary Leaders who want to transform their organization’s meeting culture.

The Effective Meeting Results Program is designed for busy leaders seeking a cost-effective transformation for their organization’s meetings.

If you’ve ever:

  • Felt like there must be a better way, if you could just find the time to focus on it
  • Tried to make a change by posting new rules or sending people for training, only to have the old meeting habits come roaring back
  • Felt like you’re stuck in a never-ending traffic jam of bad meetings, and there’s nothing you can do about it…

Then take a closer look at The Effective Meeting Results Program.

IIFAC specialists will work with you to:

  • Identify the right meeting strategy for your business.
  • Teach your team how to run those meetings well.
  • Establish technology and coaching systems that ensure a successful transition to effective meeting practices.
  • Transform meetings into a source of leadership development and organizational health.
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Our 4-Step Process: Meeting Excellence, Systemwide

We engage your teams in every step so that they take ownership of the challenge of creating consistently excellent meetings throughout the organization.


Identify the strengths and weakness of your current meeting practices and benchmark the level of meeting maturity within the organization.


Configure a set of customized meeting templates, train your teams in facilitation skills and set up of a state-of-the art meeting platform that provides a solid structure to support consistently excellent meetings.


Hand-on coaching to ensure that your teams integrate the new tools and skills into the fabric of every meeting.


Teams continuously monitor, evaluate and improve their meeting effectiveness. Senior management can track key metrics and celebrate the results.

Download a one-page summary of how the Effective Meeting Results program works

Not sure if this program is right for your organization?

According to a study by my colleagues at Lucid Meetings, $1.4 trillion is spent annually on meetings in the United States, of which up to 15% (to $213 billion!) is wasted.

What is the cost of time wasted in meetings in your organization? There are calculators that help you do the math, but no matter what number you come up with, more questions arise.

Why is this an acceptable expense?

How do we justify wasting time and money in meetings that do not serve any real business purpose?

Who will take a stand for meetings that pull their weight?

Next steps toward consistently excellent meetings, system-wide

  1. Reflection. Take a few minutes to complete a Lightning-fast Questionnaire.

Answering these 5 questions will clarify the potential benefits of establishing higher standards for meetings. You will also detect possible obstacles to overcome on the path to results-oriented meetings.

See the 5 Questions

We will explore the kinds of meetings that could support you and your teams in achieving your highest goals. We will identify the obstacles preventing you from having effective meetings. You will know what next steps to take to take your meetings to a new level of productivity.

  1. Schedule an appointment to discuss your current meeting situation.
  2. Together we design a path forward that meets the capacity-building needs of your organization and ensures that both every day and “mission-critical” meetings are successful.
  3. We work with your teams to create customized solutions that transform meeting misery into meeting gold.

RESULT: Your organization’s meetings become a source of pride – and a driver of significant business results.

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