People complain a lot about bad meetings – and for good reason. Boring, unproductive meetings are a worldwide plague. Participants leave frustrated by the waste of their time spent in these meetings and leaders are upset by the listless participation and lukewarm commitment of their teams.

This is a fixable problem

As professional facilitators, we study the causes of the boredom, frustration and low productivity of meetings in the workplace. One interesting finding is that the practices that produce the complaints are similar in all the sectors and countries we have worked in. To think about the number of bad meetings that occur worldwide every day and their enormous economic and emotional cost, is, for us, a call to action.

You are the change agent!

We created this guide aimed primarily at those of you who, because of your role in an organization, are called upon to convene and lead meetings. Like many of your peers, you have never received training in “effective meetings” so your only “teachers” have been your own bosses – who make the same mistakes that for lack of a better example, you are perpetrating. How to break this vicious cycle of bad meeting habits?

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If you have a responsibility for convening meetings, you are in a position to transform them into stimulating, productive encounters. In this Guide we show you five common mistakes and how to correct them. Get started today!

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