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Keys to planning an excellent meeting     |    Hiring/getting hired as a meeting facilitator

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Concise, content-rich, online courses for busy people who want to:

  • Build their meeting facilitation skills
  • Make their meetings more productive and cost-effective
  • Navigate with clarity and confidence the complexities inherent in working with groups
  • Learn from experienced professionals


Keys to planning an excellent meeting

This course takes a systems approach to understanding the dynamics of a successful meeting and how to match the process to the desired results. The concepts presented are foundational to transforming the meeting culture in any context where fruitful collaboration is the goal. See details

Session Focus Sample of the materials

Ask the right questions

How to obtain an overview of the context and the deep listening skills needed to understand the current reality of a group.

  • Levels of listening.
  • The root cause of boring meetings
  • Guides to analyzing the context and defining the meeting purpose

Design the Agenda

How to create a results-oriented agenda that optimizes the use of the participants´ time.

  • Guide to analyzing your meeting practices
  • Seven practical steps for transforming an agenda
  • Agenda planning template
  • A collection of articles about agendas

The Human Factor

Strategies for planning meetings that contemplate active participation and fruitful collaboration of the people convened.

  • Invite the right people
  • Tools for preventing boredom and quantifying participation
  • Action plan
  • A collection of articles about “the human factor”


Hiring/getting hired as a meeting facilitator

This course removes the mystery surrounding the relationship between the facilitator and the meeting leader. I share the tools we use for exploring both the meeting leader’s needs and the potential facilitator’s suitability for the job. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn to assess when an outside facilitator can add value and when it is best to decline the proposal to work together.

Session Focus Sample of the materials

Exploratory conversations

The first steps in establishing a collaborative relationship between the person seeking facilitation services and the potential facilitator.

  • The business case for facilitation
  • The ideal client and ideal facilitator
  • Factors in the decision to hire a facilitator
  • Professional standards for facilitators

Negotiating the terms of reference

How to develop proposals that set the stage for a successful collaboration.

  • Proposal template and examples of its use
  • Guidance for clarifying roles
  • Options for setting fees
  • Next steps worksheet

When to say “no thanks”

Under what conditions should a facilitator decline the offer to work with a client – and vice versa.

  • Warning signs
  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Check list: when to use an outside facilitator
  • Value proposition of facilitation



Need to convene and facilitate meetings as part of your job? Or do you offer professional facilitation services? In either case, this program will give you insights and skills that you will use every day.


You can take any of the courses in the order you choose. The course materials will remain online indefinitely. We will add new modules periodically. You decide what and when you want to learn!


The platforms chosen for the courses are very user-friendly. No special software is required. We provide an orientation to the technology so that you can simply focus on learning.


Each course consists of three modules, each of which includes:

  • A 45-60-minute webinar, recorded so you can watch it at your convenience
  • Reading material.
  • Worksheets, checklists and formats that you can adapt to your needs
  • Online exchange of questions, answers and ideas with the instructors and the other members of the group
  • Personal reflection combined with practical next steps so that you know what to do and why it matters


$49 USD per course, payable by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

Testimonies from participants in recent online courses taught by Beatrice

The contents, structure and sequence, assignments, and the overall design were very inspiring for me.”

I enjoyed experimenting with this method that combined webinars with all the other, complementary material.”

The practical, pleasant, comfortable (at home, online) approach, with good teachers and fellow students, allowed me to learn about a subject that interests me.”

The contents interested me and presented new concepts that were just what I was looking for.”

Very interesting methodology and dynamic use of the web by the instructors.”

Beatrice Briggs, Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), is director of the International Institute for Facilitation and Change (www.iifac.org). A native of the USA, she has lived in Mexico since 1998. She works all over Latin America with civil society, international NGOs, and public and private sector organizations, helping them make their meetings, forums and assemblies highly interactive and participatory.

Beatrice is the author of the book, Introduction to Consensus, the 4-minute illustrated video, What do facilitators really do? and editor and principal author of the Bonfire Collection: a complete reference guide to facilitation and change, as well as many other publications.
Email: bbriggs@iifac.org

Beatrice Briggs


Send a message to Beatrice: bbriggs@iifac.org


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