Meetings That Energize Your Team and Contribute to Business Results

You have heard the complaints – and probably have some of your own – about business meetings that are boring and unproductive. While not all meetings are truly awful, there are too many that clog schedules and drain the lifeblood of the organization. How can you identify the meetings that deserve priority attention?

As a boss, you want to be confident that all meetings are consistently worthwhile and make productive use of your staff´s time and talent.

In fact, no one – not your teams, partners or clients – should have to suffer bad meetings.

Gold Star Meetings

Yet everywhere you look, meetings are a source of frustration and confusion.

Most people have never received basic guidance about how to run a useful meeting, so they simply imitate the bad examples around them. And even big companies often lack a coherent approach to the many meetings that are needed to run their business. Immersed in a culture of mediocre meetings, it is hard to know where to begin to address the problems.

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The Effective Meeting Results Program. We work with your teams to assess the current situation and then design a path forward that meets the capacity-building needs of your organization and ensures that both every day and “mission-critical” meetings are successful.
Outcome: Your organization’s meetings become a source of pride – and a driver of significant business results.

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IIFAC professionals have been helping groups transform their meetings for over 15 years:

  • In over 30 countries
  • In the public, private and non-profit sector
IIFAC Clients
I have collaborated with Beatrice Briggs several times over the past few years and am always impressed by her ability to enter into complex issues, create dynamic processes adapted to the culture of the group, and produce useful results. Her skillful facilitation frees me to participate fully in the discussion, confident that Beatrice will optimize the use of the group’s time, document the results, and produce a timely, complete, and well-organized summary of the work we accomplished.
Yacine Khelladi, Director Fundación Taigüey. República Dominicana

“It was a pleasure to work with IIFAC at the beginning of the process of planning the Water Forest initiative. Together we created a consultation that was open, participatory, verifiable, and transparent. We were able to draw out the best from a diverse range of participants and distill the results into a master document that served as a useful compass for navigating a map of possibilities…and pitfalls.

I wholeheartedly recommend the services of the IIFAC team that helped us to create the conditions for establishing the basis for any collaboration dream.”

Jurgen Hoth, Director de Proyecto Bosque de Agua. Conservación Internacional México, Cuernavaca, México

“From our first conversation, IIFAC helped us to clarify the purpose and outcomes desired from an all-day meeting with some of our program partners. The participatory dynamics that they proposed created a space that fostered trust and generated dialogue and discussion that ensured that all voices were heard and taken into account in the conclusions; it was a very productive day that was also a lot of fun!”

Sonia Bozzi Anderson, Former Executive Director, United Way Mexico / Currently National Director, ChildFund Mexico
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