Planning a dynamic, productive, face-to-face meeting presents myriad challenges, starting with defining a clear purpose for the event.

In addition, the leader and/or organizing team need to consider the needs and interests of those being invited, the constraints and possibilities of the venue, and the expected results of the group interaction.

We offer three levels of support, all aimed at helping you have an event that engages participants and justifies the investment in bringing the group together.

1. Define Purpose and Outcomes
2. Design a Detailed Agenda
3. Facilitate the Event

See a description of the facilitation support services here.

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When to use a facilitator?

You need a facilitator when the meeting or event that you are planning meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Important decisions need to be made
  • The group is large, diverse, and/or in conflict
  • The issues under discussion are complex and there is no one clear “right answer”
  • Successful implementation of a plan requires the informed consent and active support of key stakeholders
  • Need to optimize the use of the group´s time and energy

Typical examples of situations in which facilitation is helpful:

  • Strategic planning
  • Internal project review and evaluation
  • Conflict transformation
  • Consultations with partners or diverse publics
  • Trans-disciplinary and/or multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Forum, conference or symposium

Contact Allan Rhodes, coordinator of IIFAC facilitation services, to discuss your upcoming facilitation needs.

“I have collaborated with Beatrice Briggs several times over the past few years and am always impressed by her ability to enter into complex issues, create dynamic processes adapted to the culture of the group, and produce useful results. Her skillful facilitation frees me to participate fully in the discussion, confident that Beatrice will optimize the use of the group’s time, document the results, and produce a timely, complete, and well-organized summary of the work we accomplished.”
Yacine Khelladi,, Director Fundación Taigüey. República Dominicana
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