Creating and sharing useful, inspiring, and fun information about group facilitation is an essential element of IIFAC’s mission. We are continuously adding to the free resources shown here.


What Do Facilitators Do?

Using simple language and charming illustrations, the video describes the three principal dimensions of the facilitator´s job in terms that your friends, colleagues, clients – even your relatives – can understand.


The Facilitator’s Prayer

This heartfelt, funny, non-denominational oration by Samantha Bennett captures the essence of what we faciltators need, want, fear and welcome.


Bonfire Interviews

Colleagues share their personal stories about how they got into the field and discuss how they approach certain facilitation challenges.


Guide to Consensus

A clear explanation of what consensus is about, the success factors for its use and four common mistakes that undermine their effectiveness.


Guide to Excellent Meetings at Work

This free guide focuses on five common mistakes that make meetings boring and unproductive and provides leaders with practical strategies for transforming meetings and creating more effective teams at work.


A Leader’s Map for Making the Meta Decision

If you like nautical metaphors, or if you have ever struggled to decide how to decide an issue, you will love this illustration. Use it to help distinguish between decisions that are “above the water line” (i.e., minor, minimal risk) and those that are “below the water line” (i.e., likely to sink the ship).


Cancel Bad Meetings

Cancel bad meetings is a convenient guide to deciding if the conditions are in place to have a productive meeting. Created by our colleagues at Lucid Meetings, this poster should be on the wall in every meeting room!