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IIFAC’s Approach to Training



We believe that in order to justify the investment, training must contribute to the personal and professional goals of the participants. To accomplish this, the contents need to focus on the interests of the group, be relevant to their context and be presented in a clear, dynamic and Interactive manner.

When possible, we carry out a pre-training survey to identify the participants’ needs and expectations. Based on this information, we design a customized program, preferably using the group’s own examples and case studies. During the training, we encourage active participation and seek feedback on the students’ level of satisfaction and understanding. At the end of the course, we ask for a written evaluation from each participant.


We approach training based on the principles of adult learning, understanding that adults learn best if they can:

  1. Both hear and see the information being presented
  2. Discuss and question the ideas with their peers
  3. Immediately practice the new concept and
  4. Give and receive feedback on how well they are integrating the learning.

We incorporate these principles in all our courses, whether they last a few hours or several months.

Custom Made

We recognize that lasting change requires more than a one-time exposure to new ideas. Follow-up is needed to reinforce the ideas, provide feedback, and help solve problems encountered along the way. For clients that want to get a higher return on their training investment, we offer a customized monitoring and evaluation plan to track how the course material is being implemented in the organizational context.