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Training for Facilitators

Formación de Facilitadores
Facilitators: Intrepid tribe that face groups armed only with a marker and a firm belief in the participants’ ability to find a way forward.” – Beatrice Briggs.

Facilitators are those who focus on the process –as contrasted to the content– of a meeting, seek forum, assembly or other setting in which people come together to share ideas, develop plans and/or make decisions.

We offer training for facilitators, because we believe that skilled facilitators are critical whenever effective collaboration is both a value and a goal.

[toggle_content title=”Introduction to Group Facilitation: How to make meetings worth your time”]

  • Anatomy of a meeting
  • Facilitator’s role and responsibilities
  • The questions you need to ask in advance
  • The foundations of agenda planning
  • Setting ground rules for the group
  • Propositions, minutes and other strategies to keep the group focused
  • Beginnings and endings
  • Introduction to decision-making – discussion
  • Integrating other roles in the process
  • Basic tools (items you must bring – and use!)


[toggle_content title=”Partial list of clients”]

  • Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT) (Dept. of the Environment and Natural Resources), México
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF), México
  • Ministerio de Ganadería y Agricultura (Dept. of Livestock and Agriculture) Uruguay
  • World Fund Project/HIV-AIDS Component, in association with Ibis-Hivos, Bolivia