Raise the Bar on Team Meetings

You need meetings that align and motivate your teams and produce results that set a new standard of excellence within your department and in the company.

Instead, “meeting-itis” is running rampant. Complaints can be heard in the hallways and the coffee shop:

  • Our meetings are too long, too many and too boring
  • I have no idea why was in that meeting
  • Nothing useful ever gets done
  • Our time is being wasted – I’ve got other work to do!

You know that your team members are competent in their respective specialties, but apparently, no one ever taught them how to run a business meeting.

This is frustrating because you want to be the kind of leader whose teams consistently achieve outstanding results.

And in your heart, you believe that there is no excuse for making people suffer in bad meetings.

What now?


Like you, we have seen the damage that bad meetings can cause, including boredom, frustration, lost opportunities, cynicism and despair. We have experienced first-hand the ways that well-intentioned people can make a mess of meetings. And we know that replacing dysfunctional meeting habits can be a daunting challenge.

For over 15 years, IIFAC consultants have been helping groups in more than 30 countries to have meetings that are remembered not for the misery they cause, but for the results they produce.

We adhere to the professional standards established by the International Association of Facilitators and the International Association for Public Participation

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Two Ways We can Help Transform your Meetings

  1. Do it for you. We facilitate your high stakes, mission-critical meetings so that you and the others around the table can focus on the important issues at hand. Learn more.
  2. Train your teams. We teach them the basic meeting facilitation skills that will enable them to run their own meetings with professional confidence. And, if needed, we provide follow-up coaching to help the teams apply the principles of great meetings every time they sit down with colleagues or clients. Learn more.

Either of these journeys begins by scheduling a free, no-obligation appointment to discuss your current meeting situation.

If we are convinced that by working together you will make better use of the resources you are already investing in meetings, we will craft an agreement and get to work!

Schedule an appointment to discuss your meeting hopes, dreams and challenges.

Download our “Guide to Excellent Meetings at Work” and discover how to overcome common meeting mistakes.

Imagine the Possibilities

Your teams feel energized and experiences their meetings as opportunities for dynamic, productive collaboration.

The meetings will no longer be labeled as sinkholes of wasted time and shared misery.

And you will be justifiably proud of the great results that your teams are delivering.

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