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The opportunity costs of bringing a group together are enormous. IIFAC’s professional facilitators help justify the investment by creating events that … Read more

Face to Face Meetings need to combine process and content in ways that make the best use of the participants’ time and knowledge… Read more

We help decision-makers consider their options regarding when and how to engage stakeholders, especially when the issues are controversial… Read more

For forums and conferences seeking the active participation of the entire audience, we offer state of the art technology.Read more

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Calle Doctores no. 99A casa 8, Colonia Lomas de Jiutepec. Jiutepec, Morelos CP. 62566 | Phone: (+52) 777 320 6712

Our logo features an Aztec glyph representing the sun. This golden image evokes its transformative power and reminds us of Mexico’s rich history and culture.